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Here's My Resumé as a PDF, and my profile on LinkedIn.


Ph.D. in Computer Science, Northwestern University (USA), December, 2018
M.Sc. in Computer Science, Queen’s University (CANADA), March, 2012

Ph.D. Thesis

AutoPoint: Selecting and Interacting with Distant Objects While Traveling in an Automobile.
Software | Unity with C#, micro-controller programmed with C++, and Swift for an iOS app.
Hardware | engineered custom mounts & sensor assemblies to alter a car window. The augmented window served as a transparent display with support for touch & gestural input.
Evaluation| U/X | tested in a lab with 36 participants, and 14 in a car driving around Chicago.

Work Experience

HCI Research Scientist & Software Lead | TIDAL LAB, Northwestern University | Sept' 18 - Now

Researching and developing TunePad, a project funded by the NSF that helps children learn Python programming with music creation as the underlying construct. Our partners include schools, libraries, community centers, and youth programs.

Software | web app deployed on Azure | Flask, Postgres, NGinX, HTML5, Sass, Javascript and Dart.

Co-Founder & CTO of Sendbloom | Chicago & San Francisco | Jan'13 - Oct '15

Co-Founded a B2B email automation company with two Northwestern University alumni. At the time of my leaving the company to work full-time on my Ph.D., Sendbloom had 9 employees. Sendbloom was acquired by LinkedIn (Dec. ’18).

Software | web app deployed on AWS | Django, MySQL, Apache, HTML5, Sass, Javascript, Jquery and Dart.

Teaching & Instruction

  1. Tangible Interaction Design and Learning (EECS 395/495, Northwestern University, Spring ’15): Co-taught (student feedback)
  2. Data Structures (EECS 214, Northwestern University, Spring ’14): Taught (student feedback)
  3. Introduction to HCI (EECS 330, Northwestern University, Winter ’13, Winter ’14, Winter ‘15): Teaching Trainee & Assistant (student feedback: 2013, 2014, 2015)
  4. Introduction to Computer Programming (EECS 111, Northwestern University, Fall ’13): Teaching Assistant, Best TA Award (student feedback)
  5. Software Architecture (CISC 322, Queen's University, Fall ’11): Guest lectured Design Patterns.

Technical Skills

I have worn multiple hats, from being a back-end architect and developer, a front-end designer, to a hardware and prototype builder. The list below is a representation of my recent experience:

  • Programming Languages - Python, Dart, C#, C, Swift (iOS app. dev.) and Javascript.
  • Packages & Frameworks - Django, Flask, Sass, JQuery, Unity and OpenCV.
  • Servers & Databases - NginX, Apache, PostGres & MySQL (setup on AWS, Azure & DigitalOcean).
  • Prototyping Tools - Sketch, Adobe Photoshop, Quartz Composer, Max MSP and Keynote.
  • Hardware - Designed & built many experimental prototypes using hobbyist level components (micro-controllers + various sensors) & also used professional hardware solutions to build something more robust (e.g. using the Vicon Motion Capture system to develop a gesture-based video blending tool). I also have extensive experience of prototyping with desktop 3D-printers, CNC-machines & Laser-cutters, along with professional shop training to use machines such as Band-saws, Lathes, and Milling machines.


  1. TunePad: Engaging learners at the intersection of music and code. (ICLS'20, embargoed till June'20)
  2. Engaging Families around Museum Exhibits: Comparing Tangible and Multi-touch Interfaces. (IDC' 20, embargoed till June'20)
  3. Digital Exhibit Labels in Museums: Promoting Visitor Engagement with Cultural Artifacts (CHI ‘18, Best Paper Honorable Mention).
  4. Designing Digital Rails to Foster Scientific Curiosity around Museum Collections (AERA ’17).
  5. FieldGuide: Smartwatches in a Multi-display Museum Environment (CHI ’18, LBW, Best Paper).
  6. Energy Monsters: A Spooky Game About Saving Energy (GLS’16, First Place Showcase Award).
  7. Invasion of the Energy Monsters: A family board game about energy consumption (CHI ’16, LBW, Best Paper Honorable Mention).
  8. Ghost Hunters: Parents and Children Playing Together to Learn about Energy Consumption (TEI ’14).
  9. Turn Up the Heat: Board games, environmental sustainability, and cultural forms (GLS ’14).
  10. Ultimate Trainer: Instructional Feedback for Ultimate Frisbee Players. (TEI ’14).
  11. FlexView: An Evaluation of Depth Navigation on Deformable Mobile Devices (TEI ’13).
  12. Unifone: designing for auxiliary finger input in one-handed mobile interactions (TEI ’13).
  13. Remote Multitouch: perspective based multipoint interactions (IJHCS’12).
  14. Pointable: An In-Air Pointing Technique to Manipulate Out-of-Reach Targets on Tabletops (ITS ’11).
  15. Waveform: Remote Video Blending for VJs Using In-Air Multitouch Gestures (CHI EA ’11).

Hobbies and Interests

  1. Mountaineering and rock climbing.
  2. Playing sports (Tennis, Basketball, Cricket, Squash and Swimming).
  3. Emerging technology - Dabble with new and emergent technology. Building hardware.
  4. Repairing cars, sketching and using computer graphics to design cars.